Performance Marketing on TV Is Here to Stay

Performance Marketing on TV Is Here to Stay

Turn to the tube to enhance your direct response strategy

The pandemic pushed consumer adoption of connected TV to new heights. At the same time, advertisers and marketers refocused their efforts on driving performance anywhere and everywhere they could. Is it any surprise that they turned to CTV’s targeting and measurement capabilities to make TV a true performance channel?

The truth is, TV campaigns today need to be all about performance and outcomes. A new guide from MNTN, “Your Guide to Performance TV” details best practices, tips and insights for using CTV as part of your direct response strategies.

From best practices to tech and tools, the guide provides practical guidance to drive measurable performance on TV. The insights include:

  • CTV has high direct-response potential so capitalize on this by defining your goals in terms of ROAS or CPA.
  • Why CTV ad creative differs from linear TV, and how it directly impacts performance.
  • Understanding the customer journey is critical to conversions, as performance depends on where the customer is in the funnel.

Download the guide today to get started on your CTV performance journey.

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