CTV Performs Better When It Focuses on Both the Upper and Lower Funnel

CTV Performs Better When It Focuses on Both the Upper and Lower Funnel

Planning for greater creative agility creates improved ROAS

When it comes to CTV campaigns, many marketers feel like they have to choose between top-of-funnel prospecting or lower-funnel revenue generation. But a better strategy may be to do both: A MNTN analysis found that advertisers who launched prospecting and retargeting campaigns together delivered 27% more site traffic and two times more ROAS over their first 90 days than those that launched with prospecting alone.

A new report from MNTN, “Why Not Both? The Path to CTV Advertising Greatness Begins at the Top (and Bottom),” provides practical advice on implementing this tactic. Specifically, it looks at why the quickest way to derive performance and growth across the funnel on CTV is with variety.

Insights include:

  • Don’t wait to retarget: There is a direct correlation connecting delays in launching retargeting with lower campaign performance.
  • Plan for turnkey variations: This way you can make agile tweaks so your ads can speak to the variety of audiences you want to target.
  • Lean into variety: Advertisers that activate turnkey variations deliver significantly more efficient site traffic than those that stick with a single creative.

Don’t limit yourself to the top or bottom of the funnel. Download the report.

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