Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Virgin Voyages is reminding people that they deserve a kid-free vacation. A global campaign from Special US plays off this notion, making it clear that cruises with Virgin Voyages are for those 18-years-old or older, no kids allowed. The campaign’s hero spot, “No Kids On the Ocean,” is shot ’80s music video style, reminiscent of an emotional movie montage, juxtaposing jilted kids singing about being left behind—set against shots of the new luxury vessels and parents enjoying their holiday.

-Pepsi is out as the Super Bowl halftime sponsor.


-Publicis Groupe has hired former Omnicom Media Group CEO Scott Hagedorn as its global chief solutions architect

-There’s plenty of SFW nudity in Stella Artois’ new ad for its unfiltered beer.

-Companies need to get better at executing flexible workplace options, writes Michael Olguin, CEO of Havas Formula.

-Legacy cannabis edibles brand Cheeba Chews launches its new line of Pâte De Fruit Melts in short-form ads that borrow from pretentious over-the-top cologne commercials.

-As part of Adweek’s AAPI Creative Spotlight, Adweek profiled, global director at Snap’s Arcadia Studio, Resh Sidhu.

-The business news publisher Bloomberg Media has hired Jessica Flood to serve as its global head of Bloomberg Live and Bloomberg New Economy.