Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-FirstBank has launched a new campaign, “The Humans You Want,” which cheekily touts the latest in business banking technology: human beings. The bank’s 15-year agency partner, TDA Boulder, created the campaign. A series of tongue-in-cheek ads playfully mock the smartphone commercial genre, as human bankers spin on a showcase carousel while a Hal-like voiceover proclaims, “Introducing the latest innovation in banking technology…” The campaign states that FirstBank understands the importance of human interaction and provides the technology businesses need while cherishing the people they need to talk with during banking.

-NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony is powering forward as a change agent in business and beyond, and he spoke with Adweek in the latest magazine.


-The latest Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad podcast talks with Tara Reid, CEO at Havas Formula, about how she and her team are helping CEOs navigate the new marketing landscape.

-Amazon appears to be stepping up its AI accelerator to capture business from the generative AI boom.

Cathy Chan Butler, CEO of Omnicom-owned Organic and co-founder of API Rising, writes about the ways companies can make systemic improvements for rising stars at every level.

-There is a wave of influencers pushing back against the influence of fossil fuel companies on social media due to the industry’s impact on climate.

-The modern-day outdoor theater presents unique opportunities for experiential and out-of-home marketing.

-Sid Lee partnered up with United24, Ukraine’s fundraising platform, in support of the Game4Ukraine, a football match to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Mykhailo-Kotsiubynsky School in Chernihiv Oblast. As part of the event, the creative agency took part in the launch of the “Yellow and Blue Card,” a card that is used to reward the finest acts of fair play on and off the field.


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