Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Beanie Babies are back. Well, they never left, but the brand Ty hasn’t released a campaign for the wide-eyed plush toys since 2015. Performance marketing agency 1o8 has launched a new ad campaign for Ty Inc., inviting everyone into the fun and frivolous world of Ty Gimme Beanie Studios. At the centerpiece of the campaign are six movie trailer style spots, casting beanies as celebrity stars and dancers as people play with the toys in extravagant settings. I’m sure the company wants you to collect them all.

-Nike brought new meaning to the concept of a sneaker drop with a drone activation that took place in New York and Los Angeles over the weekend.


-The “Children’s Crusade” is a live performance installation that uses robotic drawing machines to transform user-submitted messages into faux children’s letters, by MSCHF.

-Adweek caught up with Rolling Stone CEO Gus Wenner after his fireside chat at our recent Mediaweek conference.

-Adweek took a look at Dept’s Ada platform and other tools in the agency’s tech stack.

-In honor of Women’s History Month, Adweek paid tribute to those defying gendered expectations and the latest Adweek podcast encapsulates the month’s stories.

-Not-for-profit organization Men’s Minds Matter has released an awareness campaign featuring messages sent prior to people taking their own lives.

-On its latest podcast, Muse by Clio explores one of advertising’s strangest and most delightful campaigns, the “[Blank] the Rainbow” campaign for Skittles.