Ted Danson Brings His Impeccable Comic Timing to Consumer Cellular Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

From Cheers to Becker to Mr. Mayor, Ted Danson has made a career out of great comic timing. Now Danson is bringing that precision to a new campaign by Consumer Cellular, where he serves as the company’s spokespartner.

The wireless provider that offers cellphones and no-contract service plans primarily to those 50 and older enlisted Danson to appear across multiple platforms promoting Consumer Cellular, including a series of spots by Crispin Porter Bogusky (CPB) and production company Arts & Sciences.

The first spot features a couple being sold to by a guy at a mall kiosk, who offers them tons of useless add-ons to their cell contract, like concert coupons and dental cleanings. Danson steps in as a voice of reason and ushers the couple to get everything they need and nothing they don’t through Consumer Cellular.

“We are thrilled to have Mr. Danson serving as our spokespartner and spreading our message of affordable and reliable cellular service to current and future customers,” said Consumer Cellular CEO Ed Evans in a statement. “Ted’s tenure within the television and media industry presents him as an exceptional advocate for our audience and we are grateful that he, too, is championing our brand in an effort to simplify the wireless space to potential customers.”

In another ad, an unnamed cell provider salesperson shows the coverage provided by its map versus Consumer Cellular. Again, Danson is able to provide perspective to the consumer by stating that the maps are the same in everything except color.

“I am excited to be working with Consumer Cellular on their newest campaign. The brand is reliable and affordable and it is obvious to see why over four million customers choose their service,” said Danson in a statement. “Consumer Cellular not only keeps their customers connected with loved ones but also works hard to keep a loyal base with great customer service. I look forward to helping them reach even more future customers.”

During production, the set aimed to be more inclusive with both agency and production partners hiring racially and ethnically diverse talent through an initiative called Double the Line. This was also a “green production,” meaning the set strived to reduce carbon footprints, limited the use of plastic and paper products and implemented composting and recycling stations.