Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Woman-founded sex toy company LeWand kicked off Women’s History Month with a literally buzzy commercial—an ode to the wand massager throughout history. The commercial, starring model Veronica Campos and produced in collaboration with creative agency Moss Park, pushes pleasure products out from under the bed and the back of the dresser and into the spotlight. It opens in the 1970s and continues through the ’80s, ’90s and today and highlights the sexual empowerment and liberation of cis women, nonbinary folks, trans people and all femme-identifying folks.

-Agency Adolescent Content has a stat that may shock marketers trying to appeal to Gen Z: only 8% of the generation thinks brands actually understand them.


-Adweek looks at the sponsorship impact of Russia’s soccer sanctions after the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

-On that front, many gaming and esports brands have taken a public stance, whether through condemnations or donations—and events have been postponed and partnerships with Russian and Belarusian companies broken off.

-Burger King is on a drive to promote its meatless menu and its latest campaign tries to trick meat lovers into considering alternative options by presenting them with an optical illusion.

-Old Navy has released a springtime spot by the Martin Agency inspired by a TikTok post.

-Applebee’s CMO Joel Yashinsky joined Adweek’s Challenger Brands summit to discuss the successful campaign with brand superfan Walker Hayes.