Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Need motivation to get into the gym to start those resolution workouts? Anytime Fitness has rebranded its look and logo and launched a new campaign for the new year. “Real AF” is a marketing platform from Colle McVoy that finds Anytime Fitness incorporating its initials into a double entendre that serves as a stimulus to get you into the gym and find your personalized workout.

The “Real AF” platform extends across the entire Anytime Fitness omnichannel experience and includes a new logo, as well as an in-gym redesign by 10 Thousand Design.


-Adweek’s Agencies and Creativity teams discussed which creative agencies we’re watching in 2022.

-Adweek also looked at how advertising agencies can show their value in the year ahead.

-Adweek presented its 2022 outlook for media, marketing and tech.

-The word “convergence” has been thrown around a lot lately, but it’s one of great significance, as Adweek has proclaimed Adweek’s global theme for 2022 as “Convergent Futures.”

-Is 2022 the year marketers get started in the metaverse? If so, Adweek has a primer on how to do it.

-Cryptocurrency was huge in 2021, and Adweek wonders if 2022 will be the year brands get serious about crypto.