Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-When it comes to sound, dogs have us beat, since they can hear higher highs, detect softer sounds and greater nuances, and hear nearly twice as many frequencies as humans.

In “Hear Like They Do,” David&Goliath’s latest creative campaign for Vizio, three almost human dogs are captivated by the immersive sound quality of Vizio’s Sound Bars as they sit and stay in for a night of television. The campaign features three digital videos that capture TV-watching moments of longing, intrigue and suspense—“French Lover,” a tear-jerking romantic movie; “Crime Boss,” a mob thriller; and “The Kicker,” a nail-biter of a football game.


-Adweek’s 2021 Young Influentials highlights leaders and innovators spanning media, entertainment, marketing, tech and everything in between who are using their influence to change the way we think about branding.

-MSCHF, the creative team behind Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes with real human blood and Mythical Entertainment dropped the limited line of chips today, inspired by three foods that have been banned in the U.S.

Lauren McGuire, president of Made Music Studio, writes about how paid time off is needed in the industry to support the best talent.

-A direct-to-consumer Christmas out of home campaign around train stations in London is designed to make more people aware of color blindness.

-If you’ve spent any time on TikTok over the past few days, you may have seen the story of author Kyle Scheele and Midwestern convenience store chain Kum & Go and a rather wholesome stunt.

-With some help from food delivery service Postmates and health food retailer Erewhon, singer Khalid created a unique experience for fans by creating music that you can feel—and taste.