Mojo Supermarket and Hydrow Promote the Endorphin Rush of Rowing

By Kyle O'Brien 

Kevin Hart must have some kind of bizarre contract that mandates that he will be in every third ad on TV. That stated, the man knows how to pitch a product, and his latest is for a rowing machine called Hydrow.

Hart is the creative director for the brand, which features coaching videos to motivate people’s rowing workouts. His ad for the brand features him learning about the “Hydrow High,” the feeling one gets after a Hydrow workout. He then feels the need to share that with others, yelling through a megaphone like a crazed coxswain, urging on an annoyed rower, a couple of script writers and a man fixing his car.


Hart’s ad is just a portion of the brand campaign. Agency Mojo Supermarket worked with the brand on “Feel the Hydrow High,” which highlights the altered state somewhere between energized clarity and meditative bliss. The hero film shows a woman on her Hydrow getting the feeling. From there, her euphoric high translates to the real world, where she glides and moves through her day “like someone upped the brightness on the entire world.”

The campaign also featured a New York City OOH takeover. Hydrow and Mojo spotlight all the ways, places and things that are better when you’re Hydrow high. Everyday items were distributed across the city. Coasters with the line “food tastes better when you’re high” can be found at NYC restaurants and bars. Pillows with the line “sleep is better when you’re high” have been dropped in mattresses stores. Stickers with the line “New York is better when you’re high” can be spotted city-wide.

“I tried a Hydrow and I was like … Dang, This thing makes me feel different,” Mo Said, CCO of Mojo Supermarket, said in a statement. “Life was more vibrant. I felt like I was functioning on another level somehow. I felt invincible. I literally saw a puddle in the middle of the street and instead of walking around it I thought to myself, ‘I should totally jump that thing.’ That’s why the campaign isn’t even about the rowing machine. It’s about the feeling you get from it. A full-body endorphin rush and meditative movement that produces its own unique high.”