Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-DDB New Zealand give two zombies the “Best Day Ever” in a new “Refreshingly Different” spot for Lemon & Paeroa (video above).

-Adweek examines how the ad industry is navigating Trump’s shifting immigration policies. Five foreign-born creatives discussed the difficulties of the immigration process.

-Here’s a primer on understanding five holding companies’ data offerings.


-These three agencies are moving away from relying on the AOR model.

-Anomaly diversity and engagement lead Jezz Chung explains how to put disruption into practice.

-A large agency is working on a blockchain-based plan to let sites like Facebook share data with marketers.

-Digiday takes a look at how ageism impacts older agency employees.

-Marketers are really worried about upcoming privacy laws in the U.S.