Friday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Independent agency St. John collaborated with Jacksonville Arts & Music School (JAMS), an organization dedicated to the development of talented inner-city youth and young professionals, on a social initiative to inspire hope local communities.

An arts contest called on students to submit a video around the theme of “hope” and reflective of one of the school’s disciplines: art, dance, film and music. The winning entry was 9th grade student poet’s Niveah Glover‘s “Hope Is” (video above). The video will be shared across the social channels of both JAMS and St. John.

“Niveah’s ‘Hope Is’ video perfectly represents what we wish to accomplish in our continued partnership with JAMS — to create opportunities for students to learn and creatively express their talents, especially in the wake of the pandemic when hope is more important now than ever,” St. John president Jeff McCurry said in a statement.


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