Don’t Make a Crappy Super Bowl Ad. Flush That Money Down This Toilet Instead

By Kyle O'Brien 

A tanker load of money is spent on Super Bowl ads every year. This year, the cost is up to $5.5 million per 30-second spot, with an extra $300,000 to be included on the CBS livestream. Quirky indie agency Mojo Supermarket thinks most companies should just throw their money down a tiny toilet rather than bust their budgets, only to put out an inferior ad.

So, Mojo Supermarket has invented the Money Toilet, a little commode that helps companies flush cash that would otherwise be spent on ads that aren’t effective or good enough for the biggest advertising stage.


To drive the point home, the agency made a cheesy, low budget-style 30-second spot that would be at home during a 3:00 a.m. rerun of Gilligan’s Island. In it, the Money Toilet is explained as “an easier, faster way for you to waste your cash.”

It ponders why you would work with a big ad agency when you can simply cut out the middle man and flush away your cash conveniently at your home or office.

The spot ends by sending people to—where you can actually buy one of the limited supply of Money Toilets—with a slapdash jingle, “piss it away the easier way.”

“Good Super Bowl commercials are great. But most marketers waste millions of dollars making bad forgettable commercials for the big game,” said Mojo’s founder and chief creative officer, Mo Said. “We want to end this era of creating forgettable, meaningless advertising and then paying $5 million to force people to watch.”

The Money Toilet, which is really a promo for Mojo Supermarket’s services, is set to air on Sunday in the New York market.