Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-It used to be that to see a creepy Santa you had to go to the mall. Now, AI brings you Meta Claus. Indie agency SCS leveraged the latest buzz in AI creative tools to design a unique holiday greeting. Meta Claus features multiple tools and platforms. The end result is something that both represents the abilities and relatively few shortcomings of incorporating AI into creative solutions for agencies and clients.

-Spotify has opened up a café in Paris for its “Wrapped” promo.


-Agencies are attracting new clients by developing their own products.

-Looking to increase its visibility and fill client needs, marketing experience company Quad is opening an office in New York.

-Creative directors are culture’s next stars, according to OCA founders Jesse Rose and Jesse Rogg.

-Adweek talked with a bunch of first-time agency creative directors about their experiences helming a creative department.

-A campaign in New Zealand called “You’re Cooked’ for Fire and Emergency New Zealand features a couple of women trying to cook, well, something while being under the influence. The humorous video series promotes a cookbook for people who really shouldn’t be using an oven and cause fires.

-Adult toy and products company Lion’s Den, along with creative agency Fancy, have come out with another naughty campaign to promote passion during the holidays. The women-owned ad agency decided to promote “Knotty & Nice” in the form of a light—and SFW—bondage scene. Enjoy your holiday fun.

-Muse by Clio features 10 classic holiday album covers, chosen by Al Risi of Groove Guild.