AgencySpy Dog of the Year Awards, Round 2

By Erik Oster 

We still may not have definite results in the presidential election for some time. So if you need a break from constantly refreshing your browser and stressing out, we’re here with another round of AgencySpy Dog of the Year winners. We hope these lovely pups can distract you for a few minutes and make you smile.

Some awards we’re just made for (and definitely not the other way around because coming up with all these different categories is really hard, that’s definitely not the explanation) and a certain perfectly named little Peanut over at Cramer-Krasselt exemplifies this perfectly. The adorable little pup was a much needed source of joy at the agency during this terrible, no good very long year and her entry includes some fantastic outfits. (Is that a pumpkin costume?) There really was no award for her other than AgencySpy Dog of the Year’s Little Peanut Award. She just perfectly encapsulates her name and the category was no contest.

Little Peanut Award:


We received several entries featuring dogs who were on-screen talent for their agencies. One canine had the distinction of appearing in animated form, however, and we are lovers of animation here at AgencySpy. W+K Portland’s very own Bernese “Office” Dog Bentley made an appearance in the agency’s animated 2019 “Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated” campaign for Travel Oregon.

It appears from his entry he has also earned a distinction as “W+K’s Biggest Doofus” but we’re going to choose to focus on the charm of that animated appearance. For his role in the Travel Oregon campaign, we have awarded Bentley with the distinction of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Most Animated Award.

Most Animated Award:

For obvious reasons, we didn’t get a great night’s sleep last night. Perhaps it’s the fatigue then that has us feeling a particular fondness (and to be perfectly honest, envy) for a Boxer over at The Escape Pod who loves a good nap. Otis’ entry also speaks to his tug of war process but provides photographic evidence to back up his penchant for prolific napping, for which he has earned the significant distinction of AgencySpy Dog of the Year’s Nap King award. Sleep well, buddy.

Nap King Award:

Accenture Interactive’s Charlie comes dressed to impress, with a formal approach befitting a dog that is serious about your business and making a good first impression. Charlie would like to know how he can help you improve your ROI and hoping he might improves his own TPD (treats per day) in the process. That’s not to say Charlie takes himself too seriously or is all business. We hear he’s actually a pretty chill dog and certainly seems like a good boy. For his sensible business attire we have awarded Charlie the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Dressed For Business award.

Dressed For Business Award:

Camp+King’s Leica is a truly charming pup. With a penchant for napping in office drawers and a fondness for butt scratches, we’re not sure what there is not to like. We also love his name and the description in his entry that he was named after the German camera company because he is “similarly expensive + compact.” Leica is certainly a deserving recipient, then, of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Shutterbug Award.

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