AgencySpy Dog of the Year Awards, Round 1

By Erik Oster 

We felt we could all use a welcome distraction today, so we’ve chosen to begin rolling out the most important industry award, AgencySpy Dog of the Year. More to come in the days ahead, all of which will lead up to our election of AgencySpy Dog of the Year’s Grand Pup.

When we put out our call for entries last month, we weren’t sure what to expect and it’s fair to say we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response. We received a great many entries with fantastic dogs of all persuasions across agencies big and small, and sorting through the images and descriptions has been a great delight. No dog is a loser, with each pup excelling in one area or another, leaving us the task of designating a great number of awards for these worthy recipients.

Our first batch of winners begins with our very first entry. LinkedIn Creative Studios’s scrappy little Ewok stole our hearts with his adorable looks and spot-on name, and we’re sure his Zoom cameos are always met with great enthusiasm. For his bravery on the field of battle and contributions in defeating the Empire, we have awarded him with AgencySpy Dog of the Year’s Battle of Endor Hero’s Medal (please don’t sue us, Disney).


Battle of Endor Hero’s Medal:

Cooper is a dog navigating parents with divided loyalties. His human mother works for BBDO New York, while his father works for Publicis New York. For his role in bridging the holding company divide, Cooper has earned the AgencySpy Dog of the Year’s Jimmy Carter Award for Peacemaking.

Jimmy Carter Award for Peacemaking:

Some gifts we are just born with. For Pavone pup Luna, that means a particular talent for uncontrollable drooling. Her other attributes include toughness, tenacity and a bit of spontaneous flatulence (Who among us, really, doesn’t experience that from time to time?). For her prolific salivation, we have awarded Luna with the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Drooling Arts.

Outstanding Achievement in the Drooling Arts: 

We fell for the awkward somnolent poses of Parker, a pup from Rain the Growth Agency. As his entry notes, he “doesn’t know how to sleep regular.” We agree with the assessment that he’s adorable and admire his unique sleeping style, a quality that landed him an AgencySpy Dog of the Year Award for Most Awkward Sleeper. Sweet dreams, buddy.

Most Awkward Sleeper: 

Canvas Worldwide’s very own Louie captured our attention with his unique style. For a doggy disguise seemingly inspired by Thelma and Louise, we’re awarding him the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Roadtrip Renegade Award.

Roadtrip Renegade Award:

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