Family of New York Reporter Killed in Scooter Crash Sues Rental Company and Driver

By Kevin Eck 

More than a year after WCBS reporter Nina Kapur died in a moped accident, her family is taking legal action against the person and the company they claim are responsible for her death.

Kapur’s family is suing Maninder Jit Singh, the driver of the scooter at the time of the accident, and Revel, the company that rents out scooters in New York City.

“If through her name one person can be saved, then it’s all worth it,” Kapur’s uncle told WCBS on Friday.


Kapur, 26, was riding with Singh on a Revel scooter in Brooklyn last July when Singh hit the brakes and the two were thrown from the moped. Singh sustained minor injuries in the crash, but Kapur was rushed to the hospital, where she died. Neither Singh nor Kapur were wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

The family’s lawyer said they are the driver for negligence and Revel for improper training and maintenance of the vehicle.

“You basically had a credit card and a driver’s license, and you could operate the equivalent, more of a motorcycle,” said Edward G. Bailey, an attorney for the family.

They also plan to sue the New York City Department of Transportation for $5 million for “the negligent implementation and operation of the ride sharing service,” and also for not ensuring riders receive training on how to safely operate the scooters.

In the story, first reported by WCBS, Revel denied the allegations and said Kapur knew of the inherent risks by riding the vehicle and failing to wear a helmet.

Revel had previously suspended its services after another rider was killed in an accident in Queens two weeks after Kapur’s death. Since then, the scooter rental company has resumed service in New York with additional safety rules.