Ticker: Hallie Jackson, Benjamin Hall, Cesar Conde, CNN Center

By Mark Mwachiro 

  • This Sunday, Hallie Jackson is set to make her debut as the official anchor of the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News. Jackson was profiled by People, where she talks about the feeling of hearing the intro for the Sunday edition of Nightly News with her name in it, saying, “For a news nerd to hear that is an out-of-body experience.” On taking on the new role during the 2024 election season, Jackson said, “It’s going to be election days, plural. I am preparing for an absolute marathon for not just that one day in November but for days after that.”
    Profile picture of NBC News' Hallie Jackson

    Picture courtesy of Patrick Randak/NBC News

  • A new two-part docuseries hosted by Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall is set to debut on April 9 on Fox Nation. Entitled Surviving Hamas: A Benjamin Hall Special, the series will explore the devastating firsthand experiences of individuals in the Israeli community following the October 7, 2023 attack. Fox Nation president Lauren Petterson said, “As we approach the sixth month anniversary of the October 7 attack on Israel, Ben’s unique perspective provides a powerful series that explores grief, resilience and survival through the lens of those most closely impacted.”
    Profile picture of Fox News' Benjamin Hall

    Picture courtesy of Benjamin Hall

  • NBC News Group chairman Cesar Conde sat down for his first in-depth profile as News Group leader with Brian Stelter for the Fast Company publication. The deep-dive looks at the start of Conde’s career prior to joining NBC News and the wins he has earned since assuming the chairmanship of the News Group in 2020, including the launch of the streaming service NBC News Now. The profile also looks at the fallout from the Ronna McDaniel hiring and firing, with Stelter summarizing the harsh lesson Conde learned from that episode saying, “You can’t have it all.”
    Profile picture of Cesar Conde for Fast Company

    Picture courtesy of Fast Company

  • NBC News’ Kristen Welker, the moderator of Meet the Press, was the cover story feature in the latest issue of Modern Luxury DC. In the April issue, Welker spoke about the impact of the country’s partisan divide on American journalism, saying, “Because the country is so divided right now, I need to ensure we’re hearing from diverse voices. We’re trusting our audiences to know that if we bring them diverse voices and do our due diligence as journalists, they will make the best possible decisions for themselves as families, communities and voters when they enter the voting booths.”
    Kristen Welker on the cover of Modern Luxury DC

    Picture courtesy of NBC News

  • CNN’s former home in Atlanta has a new name. With CNN no longer occupying the downtown building, the CNN Center will now be known as The Center, according to CP Group, the property’s owner. “CP Group’s rebranding of the former CNN Center into The Center aims to create a unifying destination for commerce, culture and connection while also honoring the building’s legacy as a historic Atlanta landmark in media, sports, and entertainment,” said Chris Eachus, partner at CP Group.
    Rendering of The Center formerly CNN Center

    Picture courtesy of the CP Group.