Here’s How Fox News Correspondent Benjamin Hall Was Evacuated From Ukraine

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall was badly wounded last week near Kyiv, Ukraine during a shocking attack that killed cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and consulting producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova.

Hall is being treated at a medical center in Germany. He was extracted from Ukraine thanks to the Ukrainian, Polish, and U.S. military, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and assisted by an organization named Save Our Allies.

Dana Perino provided an update on Hall’s recovery Monday during America’s Newsroom, and then interviewed Save Our Allies founder Sarah Verardo about how Hall was able to get out of Ukraine and into safety.


“This is a very complex situation, but we have people on our team that are willing to go into harm’s way to protect those from evil and especially when we got that call for help from Fox, we could not move quickly enough to mobilize a multi-national effort to secure Ben’s extraction from a very dangerous combat zone,” Verardo told Perino.

“And is there any details that you can provide, and perhaps not, but I understand that, you know, you — there’s a lot of moving parts that go into an operation like this to make sure that it all happens, and you have to keep it extremely top secret,” Perino asked.

“This is an operation that typically would take months to plan, as well as coordination from multiple government agencies and countries,” Verardo responded. “And our team, led by a gentleman that we will call ‘Seaspray’ is a special operations and intelligence veteran that is very experienced in precision extraction in hostile environments.”

Verardo said she has had a decade-long relationship with Fox, adding, “we could not move quickly enough to make sure that Ben, not only his extraction, but he was stabilized through field medicine by our team that is also led by trauma surgeons, experienced in military battlefield trauma, as well as our team of special operations veterans and intelligence community veterans.

And so they moved heaven and earth to move Ben not only quickly out of an active, hostile combat zone, but safely due to the grave condition he was in and his injuries.”

Below, the interview: