Third-Party Data Is as Important as Ever

Third-Party Data Is as Important as Ever

Understanding audiences and intent while putting privacy first

Cookie deprecation and the rise of privacy-centric programmatic hasn’t toned down the need for accurate and actionable third-party data. Just the opposite. Third-party data isn’t going anywhere. It remains a critical tool for any kind of data-driven marketing. But how you can use it is changing.

“Third-Party Data in a Privacy-Centric World,” our new guide created with Datonics, debunks some of the misconceptions around today’s behavioral targeting and delivers actionable advice and insights on how to choose the right data sources while complying with user privacy constraints. This is critical intelligence for any marketer doing programmatic buying, personalizing outreach, or needing to enrich its view of the customer.

Key insights include:

  • Using first-party data to drive third-party audiences: Why you need to go beyond simple demographics to get a clear sense of the personas that make up your audience.
  • Auditing your web audience: How your data partner can help you reveal information about your audience’s interests, behaviors, lifestyles and more.
  • What to ask your data partners: Ensure your provider can meet your expectations and is compliant with new data rules and regulations.

Make sure you’re prepared for privacy-centric programmatic. Download the guide.

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