The Real Deal on SMS Marketing

The Real Deal on SMS Marketing

Its spammy reputation comes from an outdated way of thinking

If you’ve been avoiding SMS marketing because you think it’s spammy or intrusive, you’re missing out on a critical engagement channel that drives serious revenue. In fact, a recent survey by ecommerce platform Yotpo found that 89% of consumers actually want to text with their favorite brands. The key is creating messages that will elevate your customers’ experiences and solve real needs.

The Real Deal on SMS Marketing

So, how can you get an SMS program up and running and craft messages that customers will look forward to receiving? Our new guide, “The Real Deal on SMS Marketing,” has the answers. From collecting and growing your subscriber list to getting your message right, the guide zeroes in on practical tactics to create an SMS program that customers will love.

The insights include:

  • SMS marketing is all about the value exchange. Learn how to find the “why” behind every message to make sure you and your customers both get something out of it.
  • Timing of texts matters. 57% of consumers worry brands will text them too frequently and 65% said receiving too many texts from a brand would make them opt-out. Find out how to avoid this trap.
  • Personalization is even more powerful when it’s sent directly to a mobile device. Learn what data to use (and what not to use) when crafting personalized message flows.

Your customers want to text with you. Download the guide today and learn how to get it right.

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