The Answer to Complex and Dated Programmatic

The Answer to Complex and Dated Programmatic

How marketers can take a more modern approach to media

It’s a common refrain for digital marketers: More platforms, more problems. Today’s programmatic advertiser has to manage a range of challenges—outdated legacy systems and processes; complex tool sets; lack of supply chain transparency; and siloed media buying strategies. Still, they need to be able to coordinate across many different channels in a way that is consistent, meaningful and impactful.

It comes down to creating a more modern approach to programmatic media. A new white paper from Infillion, “The Programmatic Frontier,” addresses the difficulties marketers face keeping up with the always-on customer journey and the proliferation of new tools.

The report examines the key elements of this modern approach:

  • Customization: Every brand has unique needs and goals, and their tech stacks need to be able to support that.
  • Flexibility: A DSP needs to be open to multiple identity solutions, provide access to multiple ad channels and deliver curated, customized media inventory.
  • Transparency: Watch out for DSPs that have hidden fees or nickel-and-dime for additional services.

Consumer standards for advertising have gotten higher—so should yours. Download the white paper.

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