Surprise and Delight Your Social Media Fans

Surprise and Delight Your Social Media Fans

Unexpected rewards go a long way with customer loyalty

The days of incentivizing your brand’s most loyal social media fans with a like, comment or repost are long gone. Instead, social media managers are rewarding their influential followers with unexpected gifts—product samples, swag, one-of-a-kind collaborations, special events—that surprise and delight. But building out this kind of program and measuring the results can be complicated.

Our new guide, “The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Surprise and Delight,” created with Fooji, breaks down the process of delivering random acts of social media kindness into its key components: planning, executing and measuring, with actionable takeaways to build your strategy.

Insights include:

  • Identify the right fans: Use social listening to know which fans are engaged, loyal and safe to build a connection with.
  • Reward the right way: The gift you give, how it’s given and how it’s received can make or break your campaign’s success.
  • Get the right results: Getting a clear picture of your results goes beyond collecting basic metrics and can differ depending on your goal.

Tap into the power of surprise and delight. Download the guide.

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