Say No to Bad Mobile Advertising

Say No to Bad Mobile Advertising

Deliver an engaging experience with irresistible creative

The mobile app economy is in its second decade, so there’s no excuse for bad ads. But somehow, they still exist—intrusive, boring, irrelevant and absolutely ineffective. It doesn’t have to be that way. Engaging in-app ads are within reach of any marketer willing to follow the best practices of high-performing mobile creative.

Our new guide “A Creative Approach to In-App Advertising,” explores the ad formats that work, with special focus on emerging technologies that really get attention, as well as the vertical video best practices and the benefits of a test-and-learn approach to creative optimization.

Insights from the guide include:

  • Formats that engage: Draw mobile users in with rich media that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the smartphone, such haptics and AR.
  • More impactful video: Vertical video leverages emotional connections to create a memorable experience, delivering 9 times higher video completion rates.
  • Always be testing: Run A/B tests oneverything from the headline and CTA to the images to see what actually drives results.

Draw your audience in with a fantastic in-app mobile ad experience. Download the guide.

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