Cracking the Code to Reach Professional Audiences

Cracking the Code to Reach Professional Audiences

The marketer’s guide to LinkedIn audiences

There’s a transformation happening that goes beyond professional marketing. Prospects and clients aren’t just professionals anymore, they’re parents, partners, hobbyist, etc. And if you’re stuck in the old, siloed way of doing things you will quickly lose their attention.

So, how can you reach this new professional audience and earn their loyalty? Our new guide, “Cracking the Code to Reach Professional Audiences,” lays out the three steps you need to get there, from identifying your audience to finding your creative voice to more effective measurement. The guide delves into actions to market to the professionals on LinkedIn that want to be treated like the fully rounded people they are. For example:

  • Do you know who the new professional is? It’s about more than remote work. The new professional is ready to go fully digital—they are just waiting for you to catch up.
  • Your words matter more than ever. Make sure your creative and messaging is relevant to whatever your client or prospect is experiencing.
  • Expand the reach of your messages. Closed ecosystems, such as LinkedIn, will be central to your efforts. But be sure that you have an ad tech solution in place that can incorporate data from these channels.

The new professional audience is waiting to hear from you—make sure you’re ready by downloading the guide today.