Can the Digital Ad Experience Be Saved?

Can the Digital Ad Experience Be Saved?

Exclusive research identifies what consumers really want from the ads they see

While advertisers are focused on what digital advertising will look like in the cookieless future, consumers want one thing: a better digital ad experience. For years they’ve been inundated with digital ads that feel invasive, repetitive and irrelevant. Instead, they simply want a digital ad experience that feels relevant, entertaining and unobtrusive.

To gain a clearer understanding of their perceptions of the digital ad experience, Adweek Branded, in association with Viant, conducted an exclusive survey of more than 500 consumers. The report—“Can the Digital Ad Experience Be Saved? What Consumers Really Want From the Ads They See”—examines what a good experience looks like, how consumers approach personalization and how they feel about the “value exchange” for personal information.

Among the key findings:

  • Advertising exhaustion is real: 73% of consumers said they see too many ads and 78% were annoyed when brands over-message them.
  • Household relevancy is more important than ever:  63% said they pay more attention to ads when they are personalized to the needs of their households.
  • TV is the channel that influences household purchase behavior: 55% of consumers said an ad on TV or streaming TV led them to discover a new product for their household.

Find out more about the actions you can take to deliver the most relevant ad experiences. Download the research study now.