Are You Making Informed CTV Ad Buys?

Are You Making Informed CTV Ad Buys?

Critical questions to ask your streaming partners

As connected TV adoption surges, so has the number of CTV platforms. More options mean more choices, but what steps do you need to take to ensure your CTV buys have the greatest impact?

A new ebook from DISH Media, “The CTV Heatwave: How Advertisers Can Benefit From the Rise of CTV,” highlights key questions advertisers need to ask potential streaming partners to get an accurate view of their CTV investments. It features best practices and relevant statistics to ensure you’re set up to succeed.

Insights include:

  • The right data makes for smarter video buys: Unauthenticated audience data, while cheaper to access, may not afford as much value—be sure partners are using first-party data that is verifiable beyond email or IP address.
  • CTV boosts incremental reach: With cords cut, it is estimated that around 40% of the U.S. market is now only reachable via CTV. Advertisers who limit themselves to linear are now missing a sizable chunk of their audience.
  • Programmatic buying offers efficiency and access: Quality CTV inventory is available and easily accessible across marketplaces with reporting that provides a timely window into performance.

CTV is hotter than ever, so be sure your campaigns aren’t generating lukewarm results. Download the ebook.

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