47% of Marketing Execs Worry About Measuring Performance

47% of Marketing Execs Worry About Measuring Performance

An agile framework for gathering insights

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to deliver performance-based results, and more than half (47%) say measuring and proving the impact of their work is their biggest concern. At the same time, 42% of marketing leaders feel they don’t have enough data to make key decisions. The solution? Agile market research to get real-time feedback to optimize campaign results.

Momentive’s guide, “4 Strategies to Drive Highly Effective Marketing in 2023,” breaks down the agile insight-gathering process. It can help you take an iterative approach to making more informed decisions that ensure faster, more-effective campaigns.

The strategies outlined include:

  • Hyper-understand your target market: Continually refine your audiences to more deeply understand what drives preference and purchase.
  • Pressure-test products and creative: Testing ideas early and throughout the process can validate what will ultimately perform.
  • Apply real-time feedback: Don’t wait for transactional data; use personalized surveys, QR codes or SMS to collect insights while the customer experience is still top of mind.

Harness agile insights to power a more successful marketing program. Download the guide.

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