Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-A few faceless noses are smelling, er, setting the tone for Duluth Trading Company’s latest campaign for its new “Funk No!” underwear line. In a spot by Planet Propaganda, a group of animated noses gather around two different pairs of underwear—one funky and smelly and the other made with anti-microbial copper technology. Guess which pair features the noses dancing in a circle and diving joyfully into a creek?

The ad marks the first time that Duluth has used full color in its animations.


-Voting rights advocacy group RepresentUs campaign shows us a pizza delivery service that only serves those that live within a gerrymandered voting district.

-Burger King’s new campaign from David Madrid invites people to face the scariest hour of the day for a free meal—or what the brand is referring to as “3 AM Apparitions.”

-A PSA about getting vaccinated, “#SaveTheFutureBoners,” takes a tongue-in-cheek, unconventional route to make its point.

-Episode six of Adweek’s Metaverse Marketing Podcast looks at gaming’s close cousin, entertainment.

-Google’s parent company Alphabet posted revenues of $65.1 billion for the third quarter of the year, an increase of 41% year-on-year.

-In Digiday’s Confessions series, the pub spoke to four executives about their attempts to know how far Google is willing to go to maintain its influence over online media dollars.