Wednesday Stir

By Natalie Venegas 

-Dayforward, a digital life insurance company, wants you to meet “The Quinns.” In this new campaign created in-house, a family of anthropomorphic mannequins  contemplate their current life insurance setup while set in a ’90s-style sitcom. While the husband frets, the wife explains the ways Dayforward is changing how life insurance is administered, positioning the company as an industry disrupter. The peculiar campaign will run across TV, Radio and OOH in Salt Lake City, as well as digital and social content.

-Burberry wants you to explore the outdoors and celebrate nature without leaving your house in this dreamlike ad spot.


-Google shoots and scores as it extends its partnership with Disney Advertising Sales, becoming the first presenting sponsor for ESPN NBA playoffs.

-Ahead of Invasion’s premiere, a chaotic scene played out across 16 popular streams. Don’t worry: Apple TV+ was behind the whole thing.

-Intuit software product is back with another ad from Wieden+Kennedy Portland to air in the upcoming Super Bowl.

-With 214 million global subscribers, Netflix is looking for ways to keep members engaged for longer.

Nia Long joins Old Spice’s “Men Have Skin Too” campaign as a couples therapist. The veteran actress tells Adweek why this is her first-ever commercial.