Thursday Stir

By Shannon Miller 

Bombay Sapphire and contemporary sculptor Dan Lam recently hosted an art auction at Lume Studios in New York’s Lower East Side. But those in attendance didn’t bid with their wallets—they bid with their emotions. For “Sensory Auction,” organizers used neuro-aesthetic technology to measure the attendees’ sensory responses with the artwork going to the highest “bidder.” The brand worked with BBDO New York on the event, which aimed to make the art world a more accessible, inclusive place where finances aren’t obstacles.

– Netflix employees around the world protested the streamer for its handling of Dave Chappelle’s transphobic content. Meanwhile, co-CEO Ted Sarandos backpedaled, saying that he “screwed up.”


– The latest stock photo collection from Re:Stock highlights Native and First Nations communities in the United States and Canada in an effort to combat stereotypes and harmful narratives.

-Have you heard the story about the woman who found a creepy mystery behind the medicine cabinet in her New York apartment? If you have, you’re either very into TikTok or you caught Publicis Le Truc’s debuting work, which feature a few familiar creators.

-After partnering with Marvel and Samsung, entertainment label 88rising spoke to Adweek about its recent work and how brands can authentically connect with Asian and Asian American artists.

-In this installment of Talent Wars, Adweek discusses how the industry needs to rethink its idea of the ideal candidate.