Wednesday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Staying in touch with family and loved ones is important during this time, but older relatives may be harder to reach via mobile or videoconference. According to a BVA study of the French population, in France 17% of seniors don’t own a mobile phone, 25% don’t have a computer and more than half (52%) don’t have a smart phone. On the other hand, according to a 2019 Nielsen study, seniors in the country spend an average of nearly eight hours watching TV.

So Paris agency la chose teamed up with French phone operator Orange to dedicate TV ad space to friends and family sharing messages with loved ones. Since going live on April 10, over 1,000 messages have been recorded and two films produced, with Orange running ads on nine programs since April 11 (see video above).

-Former Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy left his role as WeWork CMO.


-Intouch Solutions business-to-developer account executive Matthew Pierce crafted an anthem for musicians impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

-Adweek explains why Potbelly is the brand to watch for social creativity.

Beeswax acquired U.K.-based ad-tech startup MediaGamma to bolster its engineering capabilities.

-Terri & Sandy teamed up with New York stylist Xavier Cruz to launch Quarancuts Virtual Hair School featuring guided Zoom haircut lessons.

-In need of a small piece of good news? (Who isn’t?) Newsletter ad revenue is up, at least for some publishers.