Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-There’s still plenty of skepticism about the Covid-19 vaccines—as SNL made obvious in a sketch over the weekend—so the Creative Alliance, with the help of Mekanism, has put out a vaccination campaign called “Made to Save,” which shows the many things, beyond lives, that the vaccines save, like sporting events, movies, moments with family, game nights and travel. It also praises the people that make the vaccines and healthcare workers with a positive vibe that is likely to change some minds.

-A new media agency, United-X—founded by Crossmedia CEO Kamran Asghar and John Gallegos, founder of Gallegos United—has launched to reach more diverse audiences.


-McDonald’s is promoting its breakfast with an ad that simply shows people enjoying its breakfast sandwiches at any time of day in any setting.

-If you haven’t seen Volvo’s “Ultimate Safety Test” with a climate change twist, now is the time to watch.

-The Drum has released its World Creative Rankings, and it features some predictable picks, like the Moldy Whopper, but also some gems from around the globe you may not have seen before.

-Ad Age reports that Edelman is naming Lisa Osborne Ross as its new U.S. CEO. She will become the first Black woman to lead a large PR firm, one that has $540 million in U.S. revenue. Ross was formerly the U.S. chief operating officer.

-Adweek opinion contributor Philip Pirkovic explains why Lil Nas X is one of the best marketers in the business.

-Social Media Week is coming up May 4-7. Get your passes for the virtual event to see the best in social.