Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-American Family Insurance has just released the latest commercials in its long-running “Insure Carefully. Dream Fearlessly” campaign. The campaign, which has been on air since 2015, demonstrates how any dream is possible with the right support. The two new spots, “Champions” and “Marching Band,” tell the stories of two young girls, each with their own dreams. One aspires to win a regional dance competition with her team and family in tow while the other pursues her dream since childhood of becoming a drum major. The spots were created by Elite Media.

-Restaurants are branching into virtual spaces to attract real customers and Adweek explores the trend.


-Uber is helping Ukrainian drivers tell their stories and experiences of facing war in a campaign to raise donations for the country’s United24 foundation.

-The Dutch Lottery tells a heartfelt tale of one last adventure between a father and son.

-Snapchat most popular lens of the year was the Crying Lens, which has been viewed more than 9.7 billion times since its debut.

-On the latest Speed of Culture podcast, Leah Meranus and host Matt Britton talk about the connection between consumer behavior and market trends.

-Check out Adweek’s most popular Commerce stories of 2022, including Demi Moore partnering with a DTC swimwear brand to JCPenney introducing a new mascot.