Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Streetwear apparel and lifestyle brand NVSBLE FREND introduces a cute mascot “Fred” in a short film called “Drawn Together,” created by director Jack Welles and animated by Syd Simeone. Produced by Andrew Brooks and Mark Renken in association with Valiant Pictures, the brand brings Fred to life for one lonely hiker in the middle of the wilderness, a metaphor for the relatable existential crises of many young people today—and the yearning need for a companion alongside life’s journey.

-Women and people who menstruate are losing sleep, says a new campaign for Essity-owned period and intimate care brand Bodyform.


-Sustainable clothing company Allbirds has announced its team-up with spokesperson Lindsay Lohan for its newest running shoe.

-Adweek caught up with Baratunde Thurston to discuss his thoughts on how the outdoors has become more accessible for marginalized people.

-Even though it might be difficult, it pays to embrace one’s failures to help move forward, writes Anastasia Leng, founder and CEO of CreativeX.

Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg share an agency they co-founded and a creative partnership of 25 years powered by emphasizing human relationships.

-Havas Media Group is going all in on its data and technology strategies with a focus on its audience management platform, Converged.

-The European creative account for designer shopping outlet owner McCarthurGlen has been handed to McCann across the U.K., France, Germany and Italy.