The Ad Council Re-Launches Influencer and Trusted Messenger Engagement Strategy Arm

By Kyle O'Brien 

The Ad Council has re-launched its premier talent engagement division, Creators for Good. The program has already reached more than 251 million Americans and is now extending its impact with new data tools, deepened partnerships with leading social platforms and an expanded approach to feature trusted messengers. These include doctors, medical experts, community leaders and others—giving them platforms to share their expertise on a large scale.

Creators for Good leverages the Ad Council’s established relationships in the media, marketing, advertising and technology industries to amplify trusted voices on pressing issues. Since the program first launched in 2015, Creators for Good has engaged more than 2,300 influential voices across over 50 campaign issues—with more than 200 individual activations and nearly 5,000 pieces of content.

“We know from our experience, the messenger is just as important as the message itself. Our Creators for Good program is a vital part of the Ad Council’s campaign ecosystem,” said Lisa Sherman, Ad Council president and CEO in a statement. “This strengthened investment in trusted messengers will have a profound impact on our ability to move the needle on the biggest issues facing our country.”


The expanded strategic offerings utilize key learnings from the organization’s Covid-19 vaccine education initiative, “It’s Up To You.” That campaign mobilized nearly 1,500 messengers, from influencers to celebrity talent, musicians, athletes, medical experts, faith leaders and community leaders, ultimately reaching 15-20% of vaccine-eligible Americans. Messengers for the massive effort included Pope Francis, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Foreigner, Dr. Joe Park of the Bachelorette—and over 100 medical professionals and 1,000 hyper local influencers.

Creators for Good expands with a dedicated team of influencer specialists over social media, advertising, events and media partnerships. These year-round programs and relationships will provide measurable results, based on campaign objectives to have a continued impact.

The program leverages extensive research, including new in-depth “PassionPoints” surveys of over 100,000 potential influencer partners supported by a custom data dashboard, which will also be used to determine which voices are trusted, knowledgeable and authentically connected to each campaign. These offerings are possible through collaboration with partners including Influential, an AI social data and conversion technology and People First, which sources and distributes highly personal peer-to-peer content.

To date, Creators for Good has worked with celebrities, social influencers, subject matter experts, podcasters, businesses, athletes, musicians, hyperlocal/community influencers and more, including Mike Alfaro, the creator of Millennial Loteria, gymnast Simone Biles, musician Billie Eilish and YouTuber Karina Garcia.