Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-McClure’s Pickles is poking fun at the ultra serious lawyer ads seen on many a local station in its latest campaign by independent agency Lafayette American. “In a Pickle” finds brothers Bob and Joe McClure posing as personal injury attorneys in a faux-law office setting with way too many props. As they rattle off pickle-meets-law humor, a TV court-style soundtrack plays in the background. The concept began as a social campaign with a billboard that featured a pickle hotline of sorts, making many pickle jokes and garnering success for the company. The agency then decided to expand it to a national television campaign.

-American shoppers filled their carts with $7.4 billion worth of plant-based food in 2021, a 6% bump from 2020 and a 54% increase over the last three years.


-Tequila brand Patrón held an immersive experience in New York that highlighted the creators who help bring the Mexican tequila culture to life.

-Agency Max Connect has entered the world of endurance racing and performance autos with its sister company 4 Horsemen and it’s winning races.

-Nationwide Building Society, a major British financial institution, has entered its third year backing an anti-bullying program which aims to recruit 10,000 ambassadors.

-Now that Women’s History Month is coming to an end, the number one question Mita Mallick, head of inclusion, equity and impact at Carta, thinks we should be asking is: How are you advocating for women in the pandemic?

-No matter what good an organization says it does, it matters very little if it does not collectively align on and believe in the mission, writes Max Lenderman, CEO of Mudfarm Ventures and a member of the Adweek Academic Council.