Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Anomaly’s first campaign for Minute Maid since winning the account last summer keeps things light and family-oriented. The same is mostly true for its accompanying hashtag, #ThisIsGOOD.

-At the 4A’s in Miami this week, The Martin Agency’s new CCO Karen Costello said her teams have discovered a new and unique way of dealing with uncomfortable situations: “we just say ‘ouch.'”

-Speaking of Martin, the new Kayak work is very much in keeping with a certain company that just won’t stop asking for 15 minutes of your time.

-Global design firm Edenspiekermann hired Anna Ibbotson as CEO of its Los Angeles office.

-Instagram mastermind @Dong.Draper has delivered the very best possible version of the “if you don’t love me at my” meme.

Michael Farmer of Farmer & Co. says Sir Martin “cannot continue to squeeze his agencies for profits and growth, since there is nothing left to squeeze.”

-And here are two more people who we don’t really know that might take over for Sorrell.

-If you think you’re skeptical of Facebook and its fellow data-gatherers, wait til you hear the Ad Contrarian’s opinion.

-Raleigh-based PR/marketing agency French/West/Vaughan signed several new executives including Zimmerman veteran Rachel Wing as vice president and John Moore of Howard/Merrell as creative director.