TurboTax, W+K Answer Life’s Depressing Questions

By Bob Marshall 

W+K’s new “It’s Amazing What You’re Capable Of” campaign for TurboTax, which kicked off last week with the excellent “The Year of You” spot, continues on with two new 30-second spots that capture humor and sentiment in equal measure.

The first, “Life is Full of Whys” (above), finds a recently dumped guy, a guy being encouraged by his wife to move, and a sad clown wondering some incredibly depressing questions. However, viewers should note that even in the darkest times, taxes can be your redemption. Sure, everyone hates your clown jokes, but at least you can write off your squeaky shoes as a business expense.


The second, “Did I Get Married?,” is shot from the perspective of a man falling in love with a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, whose questions range from cute to sort of off putting and bizarre. But, isn’t that the kind of girl every guy wanted to marry after watching Garden State, Elizabethtown, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, etc.? And then brag about to web-based financial software? In any case, these spots both hit their target (MEN!) in an engaging, lighthearted fashion. Who knew doing your taxes could be so emotionally rewarding? Credits after the jump.


Creative Directors Dan Kroeger / Mike Giepert

Copywriters Dan Kroeger / Brooke Barker

Senior Art Director Johan Arlig

Senior Producer Erika Madison

Account Team Courtney Nelson / Vanessa Miller / Anna Boteva

Executive Creative Directors Joe Staples / Susan Hoffman

Head of Production Ben Grylewicz

Strategic Planning Amber Higgins / Cat Wilson

Project Management Liza Robbins


Production Company Park Pictures

Director/DP Lance Acord

Executive Producer Mary Ann Marino

Line Producer Michaela Johnson

Production Designer Jason Hamilton