What the Hell is Happening at SMG? (Updated: It’s Leo)

By Kiran Aditham 

On this, the coldest day in the new year thus far–well at least for the East Coast–, we’ve been told this is happening at Starcom MediaVest Group in Chicago (earlier reports on the Spy line said this was happening at Leo Burnett Chicago, “pipes burst and people were running for their lives”). Ok, so maybe us folks in New York don’t have it as bad. Credit to this person who filmed this pipe-busting atrocity. Happy New Year everyone, stay warm! Update: Ok, we’re now getting word that it is indeed Leo Burnett going through this. Our best wishes, gang.

Update 2: And now further confirming it’s Leo Burnett. Here’s an apparent memo to staff:
“People, people, people…though “it’s raining poop” has a certain disgustingly demented poetry to it – and social media just loves a good feces-leaking-on-your-head-at-

work story – the water leaking on 15 has no human waste in the mix.It’s not pleasant but it’s not sewage. It’s accumulated dirt and dust from the ceiling being carried down by the water from the broken pipe.Any more conjecture on this one is a human waste of time.”According to one tipster, though, “I work on that fucking floor and it is sewage. Accumulated dust does not smell like human shit and piss.” Ugh, sorry to all those involved.