Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-It’s that time of year when Canadians collectively sob over the hockey playoffs when their teams don’t make it all the way. An NHL Playoffs campaign from Toronto’s Camp Jefferson for Boston Pizza—the agency’s first major work for the company since winning the account late last year—finds scenes of fans being upset with their teams’ performances. “30 Years of Suffering” shows that it’s been over 30 years since a Canadian team last won the Cup, so Canadian fans need to get together and cheer at Boston Pizza for a win for the Great White North.

-When is it time to fire your client? ADWEEK talked with agency leaders, who shared their unique stories.


-ADWEEK’s 2024 Sustainability Stars are paving the way for greener fashion, advertising and CPG.

-Anticipating a flaky friend’s late change of plans is no small task, but Outback Steakhouse has taken up the challenge with “ReplaceMates.”

-Impossible Foods has taken over a cattle ranch, converting it to make its plant based foods.

-Rather than fighting its chalice thefts, Stella Artois celebrates them in a playful campaign by agency David New York.

-The Boston Marathon was run last week, and there were a lot of sore feet afterwards. Oofos, the Boston-based Active Recovery footwear company, confirms its commitment to recovery by implementing sponsorship initiative that supported and celebrated “Real People” in their recovery journey following the marathon. Aside from a pop-up retail store located by the Boston Marathon finish line, Oofos also featured select finishers as part of its post-race campaign. The effort came from agency Callen.

Oofos celebrates recovery after the Boston Marathon.