Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-A new campaign for Red Baron Pizza to introduce its newest Fully Loaded Hand Tossed Pizza goes way over the top, and that’s a good thing. The campaign, “The Showdown,” by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA starts out like a typical old west bar scene, where two cowboys square off over a pizza. A fight ensues. One that includes boxers, marauders, hockey players and other assorted fighters that take over a western town. The agency worked with the director Robert Llauro and the production company Landia on every detail to make the blend of twisted cinema tropes and pizza happen.

-Adweek’s Media Plan of the Year awards have been announced. Check out the winners here.


-The Media Plan of the Year winners employed winning strategies to find success.

-Social media manager burnout is real, and Adweek opinion contributor Nicole Tabak writes about the reasons why.

Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino Tequila is paying tribute to a notable cinematic moment with a “Club Coramino” ad starring the comedian and his wife, Eniko Hart.

-Plant-based meat makers are considering forming a coalition to boost the sector and sales.

-Agency Tangent has issued a statement that Marc Becker, its CEO, has died at 37 after a long battle with cancer. He had served as CEO since 2015. He was also a marketing executive who worked for Universal Pictures. “If you have worked with us over the years, you have no doubt gotten to experience the larger-than-life presence that was Marc. He was the life of the party, with a million-watt smile that could light up any room. So full of energy, passion, and life — he had a genuine joy not only for the work he did, but more-so for the people he connected with. Ever since joining the Tangent team and taking on the role of CEO, he poured his time, enthusiasm, and heart into his work and his work-family. He changed our lives forever, and we will never forget him,” said the statement.

-Opendoor’s brand marketing team and Venables Bell & Partners are at it again, this time with a yard sign any dog-lover could appreciate. The real estate company has unveiled a first-of-its-kind tennis ball-dispensing yard sign at one of its California home listings in honor of International Dog Day on August 26. The message is simple: “Move without chasing your tail.”

Opendoor and VBP have made a ball-dispensing real estate sale sign.