Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Dr. Praeger’s Littles are helping millennial moms get their Gen-Alpha kids to eat their veggies. In a series of short social videos, now running on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest, grammar school students recount insufferable, embarrassing moments they have endured, coping with a tasty plate of Littles. The campaign, “A Little Joy for A Long Childhood,” was created by Deutsch NY.

-The Marketing Arm’s CEO, Trina Roffino, navigates bereavement by redefining professional priorities.


-Programmatic ads are coming to the New York subway, after the process of buying ads remained low-tech until now.

-Most advertisers aren’t familiar with attention tracking and measurement firms, but that could change soon.

-Unilever’s most senior marketer Conny Braams has announced plans to step down after more than 33 years with the business.

-Vehicle maintenance brand Feu Vert has turned its faithful brand mascot Ramses into an action hero—or at least that’s the potential pitch for its latest ad campaign.

-Columbia is keeping it simple by putting customers, and goats, in its newest ads.

-Noise pollution is a big issue that is a matter of public health, so FCB Brazil decided to do something about it. Noise Neutral is a platform aimed at fostering discussions about innovative solutions to compensate for noise pollution—much like the carbon offsetting that is already practiced as a way to compensate for air pollution. Since its launch, Noise Neutral has attracted architects, engineers, innovation organizations, construction companies and real estate developers, including FCB Brazil client Tegra Incorporadora.