Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-In the first 92 years of the Academy Awards, only 14% of nominees were women. The advocacy organization WIF (Women in Film) wants to make sure the contributions of women are viewed by Academy voters and considered for Hollywood’s biggest award.

WIF partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi on a new initiative, “Buzz for Women,” to reach voters during their coffee breaks and put the work of female nominees directly in their hands through their coffee cups. “The Future of Film Awards is in Your Hands” coffee sleeves feature a QR code that goes directly to a WIF site where the films’ trailers can be viewed, helping Academy voters ensure they’re giving equal consideration to female nominees.


-Sportswear giant Adidas is tackling the issue of breast health with a campaign for its line of sports bras—starting with a tweet that shows the wide range of shapes and sizes found in breasts.

-Expedia’s first Super Bowl ad in more than a decade features actor Ewan McGregor.

-More Super Bowl spots have been released, including ones from Turbo Tax featuring Jason Sudekis, Michelob Ultra with Steve Buscemi, with Idris Elba and BMW with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek Pinault.

-Take a listen to Adweek’s latest podcast about all things Super Bowl.

-According to Sebastian Hernoux, chief data and technology officer at OMD USA, savvy marketers should be asking a revealing question about their Super Bowl investments: How much attention was being paid to my ad?

-In the latest Profile in Black Creativity, the art director for Wieden+Kennedy, Macaihah Broussard talks about making waves during his five-years-and-counting in the advertising world.

-Mother has lured Droga5 New York’s co-chief creative officer Felix Richter to be its new creative leader in London.