Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Parents of young children ask a lot of questions as they learn the ropes about their roles. Skincare brand Pipette puts those questions up front in its first campaign from barrettSF for its clean, sustainable baby and mom brand of sensitive skin products. Created by an all-woman team from the client, agency, director and editor, the group created a humorous and relatable ad, “What’s This?” that follows harried parents in various puzzling situations as they navigate life, including toys on a ceiling fan, a wet dog a plant in a backpack and a confusing car seat.

-An anonymous group of senior creatives, photographers and PR professionals have come together to raise awareness of the lack of support for women and sexual harassment victims in the ad industry with a “kit.”


-Employers must not assume that a blanket solution of fewer days in the office solves the workplace flexibility conundrum, writes Sarah Baumann, managing director of VaynerMedia London.

-Have you heard the legend of the guy who traversed the wilderness bareback on a buffalo wing? If you haven’t, chicken chain Zaxby’s—with help from AOR Tombras—has quite the tale for you.

-Fortnight Collective’s first project for ONE Brands positions ONE Bars as the antithesis of the tasteless, cardboard-like snacks targeted toward wellness fans.

Michelle Cobas, the head of new business and agency communications at alma—where she also leads the DE&I taskforce—shines a light on how unconscious bias makes its way into recruiting.

-Inspiration for self-improvement, according to The Farmer’s Dog and its new resolution-themed campaign, could come from our dogs.

-As more brands jump on the rise of NFTs, a Dutch ecommerce retailer is using them to subvert the luxury fashion industry.