Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The launch of Wondrium, a platform for streaming online courses, documentary series and other learnings, is a wonder of animation and music. Behavior change agency DiMassimo Goldstein and creative music agency Groove Guild worked together to create an animated explanatory video. It weaves through history, with Shakespeare, Marie Curie and Lincoln sharing time with artistic masterpieces and scientific discoveries to show the depth of the streaming service’s programming.

-The merger of MDC and Stagwell is complete, and CEO Mark Penn talked with Adweek about where the company is headed.


-The Olympic relationship between Levelwing and Bridgestone reveals the importance of fundamental planning in high-stakes sponsorships.

-GGH MullenLowe has added Marielle Wilsdorf and Barbara Dirscherl as chief creative officer and creative art director, respectively.

Rob Pierre writes about how hierarchies can hurt businesses.

-Inspired by its Taco Bell Hotel, Yum! Brands is recreating the fast food hotel idea with fried chicken stablemate KFC in London.

-In another sly stunt, KFC erected a billboard on the island of Majorca that combines its initials with Ikea’s typography and colors.

-Adweek asked marketers and social media analysts to highlight brands that actually understand how to take advantage of TikTok.