Mercedes-Benz Enlists Camila Cabello to Cross-Promote Amazon Prime’s Cinderella

By Kyle O'Brien 

Amazon Prime is releasing a reimagined Cinderella with Camila Cabello in the starring role. It’s a film that recasts the heroine not as a helpless would-be princess, but as a promising entrepreneur dressmaker.

The empowered woman twist fits with Mercedes-Benz, which has itself made efforts to highlight how women were instrumental in the company’s founding and continue to play a major role. The two companies have now teamed up to cross-promote both Cinderella and the automaker’s latest efforts, celebrating strength of character and living your dreams.

“We are excited to join forces with Mercedes-Benz to launch a campaign that celebrates strong individuals and promotes female empowerment,” said Ukonwa Ojo, CMO of Amazon Prime Video, in a statement.


For the hero(ine) spot, Mercedes-Benz collaborated with its agency, Merkley + Partners, plus director Rachel McDonald of Biscuit Filmworks and a primarily female cast and crew that includes Cinderella director Kay Cannon for a storyline that encourages women to rewrite the roles they were told to have in the world. Cabello walks through the film set as various people recite cringeworthy cliches that women hear—you’re prettier when you smile, don’t be so dramatic, play your role—and turns them into motivations to be individualistic. At the end, Cabello gets into the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, serving as a carriage of sorts.

“Playing Cinderella, a character that I have loved since I was young, is a dream come true,” Cabello said in a statement. “I’m honored to reimagine this character in a relevant way and work with Mercedes-Benz to encourage females to dream big. I was thrilled to create this campaign with an incredible group of strong women and hope that it will inspire women everywhere to take their future into their own hands.”

Another short film finds Billy Porter, who plays a version of the fairy godmother known as Fab G, channeling the character to find the perfect customized Mercedes. The scene stealer works with a designer to mimic the character’s butterfly aesthetic, and Porter’s reactions to the sedan’s transformation is a joy to watch.

“It’s about time we see a modern-day representation of Cinderella,” said Porter in a statement. “I’m excited to work with Mercedes-Benz on this campaign where the message of individuality is at the forefront as we empower aspiring girl bosses everywhere to embark on their own journey to the top.”

As part of the collaboration, Mercedes-Benz will invite fans to its “Dressed for a Dream” livestream fashion show on August 28 at 7:00pm ET on a dedicated webpage.