Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The 10-year anniversary of the conflict in Syria is not a happy one, and to remind people that the citizens of that country need help, Manchester agency Flow Creative partnered with international charity, Syria Relief, to create an animated film that sees the conflict through the eyes of a 10 year old boy.

The boy, Hassan, recites a poem on his birthday that recounts how he and his family had to flee their home because it was bombed, how he has lost friends and injured his leg along the way, and how he has had to live and be educated at refugee camps. Yet, he still has hope for the future.


Flow’s creative director, Karl Doran, said: “We created a story around a central character of a 10-year-old child who has lived his whole life in war time. This approach allowed us to tell the story from his perspective to bring to life the human side of the devastating conflict.”

-IPG media agency Mediahub has revamped its U.S. leadership team with a series of promotions, including five new positions and a new c-suite title.

-Avocado green was a fashionable color in the 70s, but Avocados From Mexico is bringing the color back as part of a new customer rewards platform that offers loyalty incentives in the form of prizes like avocado-decorated sportswear items, coupons and original video content.

-An observant TikTok user may have just uncovered the identity of a sinister Marvel villain in an Xbox ad.

-In honor of Equal Pay Day on March 25, women’s rights movement group Zij-Kant worked with Belgian agency Mortierbrigade on a fun ad showing how the productive work day of one parent often comes at the expense of the other.

-The Drum is tackling health issues lately, including the biggest ad spend shifts in the sector.

Porsche offered an excellent adventure to Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, letting Bill and Ted be themselves in the new Taycan in an 8-minute film.

-Digiday reports how digital-only phone carrier Visible is returning to SXSW in a virtual activation.