This Fun Ad About Zoom Interruptions Comes With a More Serious Message About Equal Pay

Belgian agency Mortierbrigade wants to remind people how much working moms have struggled throughout the pandemic

Working moms have more on their plate than ever.

As we’ve adapted to the unprompted celebrity appearances of toddlers on Zoom calls, Belgian agency Mortierbrigade is reminding people why male colleagues seem to be getting through meetings with fewer interruptions: Childcare is not divided evenly between parents, which has only been heightened by the pandemic.

Top line

In honor of Equal Pay Day on March 25, women’s rights movement group Zij-Kant worked with Mortierbrigade to show how the productive work day of one parent often comes at the expense of the other—who may be burdened with changing diapers, cleaning up messes and cooking meals in between meetings.



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