Thursday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

Here’s what happened when Geometry Global Paris told its staff they had to French kiss their clients (video above).

-RAPP and poptag present “The Big Matchup” between Seahawks and Patriots fans on social media.

This side project from EnergyBBDO’s John Doessel allows users to “Live Chat” with Marshawn Lynch.

-Ace Metrix analyzed data from the past five Super Bowls to find each year’s best and worst ads.

Digiday takes a look at “How platforms are competing for Super Bowl traffic.”

Kantar Media examines which categories have led Super Bowl broadcast over the past two decades.

-“This Year’s Most High-Stakes Super Bowl Showdown is YouTube Vs. Facebook,” says Adweek.

-Morsekode announced the naming of Paul Jongeward as partner.